AFAM Brand (Abbreviated for African American Brand) is a company established by three long time friends who ventured into several fields of business over the years, the idea of a symbol reflective of the African-American contribution highly resonated a desire to put forth a symbolic image representing the presence and importance of our people to the United States of America. Playing an important role on many highly regarded historical frontiers, African-Americans have carved a unique place in the American story, one that can't be denied or rivaled. An able people of great influence to many, African-Americans have shown pioneering leadership in many arenas proving our uncanny greatness. It is with pride and honor we deliver this symbol as a pulsing vessel of strength, unity and ability. As we move forward AFAM Brand LLC plans to produce a variety of "high-quality", profound, uplifting and embracing African-American items. 

One piece at a time AFAM Brand LLC plan's to help shift the culture shedding light on the many aspects of black excellence. Our mission is to bridge the gap of pride, love, honor & dignity/ for our brothers & sisters 

- Let's stand proud and stand together.

Sincerely, AFAM Brand founders.

“Family, Forward Motion & Positive Energy” 

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